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Been!There - speak your mind

What's Guest?

Guests can both play and add reviews.
But… the cool reviews you add will always stay anonymous.

As a registered user you will have a choice to show a review as yours or remain anonymous.

So, why not register?
It’s free..

Add me to your Beta user list

If you are a Been!There Beta user:
With your permission, we will recognize you on our site for any of your ideas which lead to a functional change.
Most active beta users will receive private builds and special recognition on the professional social network of their choice, such as LinkedIn.
We are considering to run promotions for our beta community – depending how active you are.
Perks aside, and simply put: you will have an opportunity to see how your ideas are brought to life in Been!There platform. To be able to tell your friends: “I suggested that feature!”


Audio in Social: Why would I use it?

Speak your mind:

You want to share your thought or experience at a place you just visited. Might be an interesting conversation at a local café. Or a gorgeous mountain view. Or maybe walking out of your local cable provider furious about crappy service you just got. Taking a picture and typing all that’s on your mind is long and boring. The short typed message anyway won’t be able to express to others how you really feel… You open Been!There app on your smartphone, tap and hold on the location you are, and you have 30 seconds to express yourself – while you are walking. You have just instantly shared your experience with the world! You can keep your identity private or open – your choice. It is only your voice: no-one except close friends will know who you are. And if your speaklet is liked by many others – go ahead and reveal your identity. Tell others that it was you!

Hear the talk of the town:

You are visiting a place you have never been to. TripAdvisor and Yelp gave you exactly what you needed to plan your trip. But once you there, you just want to experience “the unplanned”. Been!There will help you get safely “distracted” into great experiences which may actually make a highlight of the whole trip! You open Been!There and listen to the experiences of others in the surroundings of the place you are at. Listen to others while walking, driving, or riding a bike. Completely hands-free, not having to stare at your screen. Look around and see for yourself if that all true that they are talking about. Have your own speaklet to share? Tap and hold on the screen gives you 30 seconds to do it. Right there and right in the moment.

You got the picture…

How does Been!There work?

We strive to give the identity and the cool to the spoken word in the social world. A couple of features you might like to know about:

Only 30 seconds?

To make is fun we are limiting your audio clip (we call it a speaklet) to a short 30 seconds. Why? Following the wisdom of Blaise Pascal who said: “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” With 30-second speaklets you will have a chance to hear experiences of many people, rather than a long monologue of one. We found it also to be a great tool in learning how to express your thought concisely.

Who is talking?

Version 1 does not have the user profile name listed. But you always have an opportunity to manage your reviews and remove them. Choose “My Reviews” from the mobile application side menu, and every review displayed is yours to manage. Version 2 will have the ability for the users to publish their profile name with the speaklet they record. You may want to record it as anonymous, and then, after you see other people like what you have to say, publish it then. Or be brave and publish all. Or none – your choice.

Garbage in, garbage out.

It is true some of the speaklets will seem inappropriate to you. Please flag them, and they will be removed from the system after 10 people do the same. Also, please be sure to “like” the ones you like, and they will move to the top.

So, how does it work - User Guide.

Record the speaklet:

Zoom to the place on the map. Tap and hold till the menu slides from the bottom to display a microphone. Tap microphone icon and speak. You have 30 seconds. After 25 seconds the phone vibrates to let you know your time is almost up. After recording you can re-record, cancel, or save.

Listen to speaklets:

Zoom to the area. The individual pins come together in groups as you zoom out or spread out as you zoom in. Tap on a pin or a group dot to play either a single speaklet or a group of speaklets.

My Speaklets:

Option in a side menu. Allows to only display speaklets you recorded. You can delete any of them. You cannot undelete a speaklet.

Guest login:

You do not have to register to login. As a guest, you can also record speaklets. However they will remain anonymous always. You will be able to manage your speaklets as long as you recorded them on the same device.

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